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Posted by lestom27 on May 31, 2012 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (2)

In this blog we will continue on becoming a trail blazer! Have you thought about how, where and what you should be doing to become this flame of fire in this dry land.

We know that a fire can start very quickly in a dry area. Think about how you can be that fire in this dry spell. Your passion, prayer and openness to allow the Holy Spirit to work through can bring a fire that can be seen for miles both in the spirit and natural realm.

To start a fire, you need a spark and something to burn, correct? You are the spark in the darkness. What needs to burn? The hearts of those that are coming to church and not experiencing the presence of God. How do you become a Trail Blazer – Say, Holy Spirit come and fill my cup – overflow in power through my prayer – release your will through my words in Jesus Name.

We are not out to create the wheel – but to help those that do not see how Heaven can and wants to evade earth. We bring the standard up in the spirit – A trail blazer sets the bench mark to aim for –then help His fellow brethren to achieve all that God has called them to be. We do not create a platform for “our” ministry to a platform for the Holy Spirit to move and revive the hearts that are needing a touch from Heaven.

A trail blazer spends time in prayer seeking the will of the Lord, what he prays for in secret the Lord rewards in the open. His heart is for the betterment of the Church. To see, hear and feel the movement of God that brings a renewal to a dry place.

You may be in a church that has good worship, message and have those that pray – but do you have unity among the members? Do you see the Lord moving upon the meeting with signs and wonders? Are there those that are going out as an evangelist team to share the gospel on the streets? The list can go on…my point is – do you know where you fit in, if so – are you pushing the envelope in the spirit to see the Holy Spirit move?

A trail blazer doesn’t need to be in “leadership” but his gifting should be noticed by the leaders. Out of humility, he will grow and set a flame hearts of those he comes in contact with. Are you excited to share the heart of the Father? Do you see the gifts of the spirit moving in your walk? Can you see a change in those that you minister too?

As we walk in wisdom and revelation, we begin to set a fire that is attractive. If we set a fire from our own understanding or will – it will last but a moment; if we start one through the Lord it leaves an everlasting impact.

As I was driving today – I asked the Lord, show me where I was used to be a trail blazer, to raise the standard. Instantly I had a vision when I was a Youth leader. How the Lord used me, by His spirit to impact many hearts in the six years I served the church in that capacity.

When we move under the direction of the Holy Spirit – we have no idea how many lives we can change, impact and impart the things of God. Do not grow weary if you do not see instant results – but if you are moving in His presence, but faith we know we are changing the atmosphere!

It is time for us to bring Heaven to earth and wake up the church community to get a fire, passion and zeal back in the hearts of His children – He is asking –will you become a trail blazer?


Les Tomlinson, Jr



Posted by lestom27 on May 31, 2012 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello my friends – Hope you are well in the Lord today! 


The last few days I keep having a thought in my spirit – “establish Trail Blazers” so I feel at this time I can share a little – I have been kicking it around for about four days!


So what is a “Trail Blazer”?  If we would look in the beginning of Acts – those men were Trail blazers – they were bringing the power and movement of the Holy Spirit wherever they went – they we experiencing manifestations of the Lord as they never have seen before.


Such manifestations assigns, wonders, healing, and salvation – They went out with the understanding that they had something to give – and that was the Holy Spirit.  They didn’t speak with persuasive words, but in power, through the Holy Spirit –


They were setting the trail for generations to follow! Are you ready to set the trail for the next generation???


So who can be a “Trail Blazer” – You can be one!  The Lord is looking for anyone to say – Here I am, use me – pretty simple!  I believe it is rooted in our love for who He is and all that He is about – in that Love, we blossom into who we were created to be – through grace, mercy and power we begin to set a trail.


This does not mean we walk away from our foundation or church – but we push the spiritual atmosphere to the edge of the authority we have at this time and place in your walk.  We do not neglect disciple or leadership, but we strive to stand with them to motivate them to go deeper into the things of God.


A trail blazer is one that sees the potential of the Kingdom of God having a collision with the earth that brings about the supernatural through His spirit. 


Guess what?  His spirit works through you!  You are the vessel that brings such an encounter to your community or church outside of the sovereignty of God!  He created us to house such power but to walk a humble life – what an amazing God.


A trail blazer has a daily prayer life and out of that, the Lord reveals what path to take.  Releases wisdom and revelation on the next step to walk out that will lead to an encounter.  They have a heart to see and hear from Heaven and realize that they are capable to have this type of relationship with Him!


A trail blazer is someone that seeks out the positive potential in a church.  They see past the mundane lifestyle that maybe present and comes along in love, humility and grace to release an awareness of the potential of the Holy Spirit. They seek out the Hand of the Lord to show His power – they have a heart to pray through the apathy of the body because they sense the Love the Father has for His children.

A trail blazer has the ability through Jesus, to speak and encourage a body to see that there is more then what they are experiencing.  They begin to have a bond within the Leadership (if they are open).  A trail blazer is not a “solo act” but he or she knows that they need others to help create new paths, to dig new wells and prepare the wine skins for His outpouring!


A trail blazer can be a man or woman that has a daily job, but has come to a point in their walk that they know there is more and if they ask, the Lord is faithful to move upon their prayer and desire to see His spirit have His way upon a meeting.  I believe many “trail blazers” are going to be people in this particular state.  It could be your mailman, your cashier, school teacher, your boss, you fitness instructor – wait a minute – IF CAN BE YOU!


Being a trail blazer is a lifestyle – I do not believe it is a season, but someone that has had a change of view of who they are in the Lord and has come to a place of faith and assurance in Jesus.


There are many great men and women that have walked or still walking this earth today that we can say – they are trail blazers – Look what the Lord did through them to help promote His Kingdom, and that is what this is all about –promoting the Kingdom to see the Lost come to Jesus!


I will say – Lord I want to be a Trail Blazer – I want to fulfill all that you created me to be –Help me to see and walk as you lead.


So where do we need trail blazers?  I would say, from the inner working of the church – those that govern the daily working of the church to those that have the gift of helps and hospitality.  In every avenue of the Church the Lord is looking and calling people to set the standard for others to come to.


This doesn’t mean that we are any more special to the Lord, not at all – some are called to lead and some are to follow – but show others how to follow as they set the example.  There is always someone looking at how you handle yourself – it doesn’t matter if you are in leadership or not– your walk is just as important, beautiful and special unto the Lord.


There is much more I would like to share on this topic – and I will as the Lord leads!


I hope this little blog stirs you up to go after the race that is set before you!  It is time to burn away the weeds on our path and set a standard in the spirit and physical realm today!



Les Tomlinson, Jr



Authority in Christ - What is it?

Posted by lestom27 on May 24, 2012 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello friends – it’s a beautiful day and we should be rejoicing in the things of the Lord!


Today I want to share a little on Authority in Christ – this will be brief due to the fact it is a snapshot taken from my Book “speaking with Authority” that will be out later this year.


Authority is about faith,assurance, position and posture before the Lord – we can all say we have authority but do all of us walk in it? Anyone that have a faithful relationship with the Lord has the ability to move in His authority – He left it with us to use against the enemy and spiritual mountains we may face today.


In the church today, there are many “views” on what is authority though Christ; who has the right to minister within that realm and how to implement it into our walk rooted in Christ.  Let’s take a practical, insightful adventure in breaking down what true authority is and how we apply it in our life as a Christian.


If we are going to speak, pray and declare with authority, we must understand what authority is, correct?  Webster’s Dictionary says this about“Authority”:

(1)   : a citation (as from a book or file) used in defense or support (2):the source from which the citation is drawn: a conclusive statement or set of statements (as an official decision of a court): a decision taken as a precedent (3):power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior: freedom granted by one in authority: persons in command; specifically: convincing force.


Take a minute and think about some of these words that define what “authority” is and who has the right to enforce its effects.  First it states that it is a citation from a “book”.  The Bible is our book that we use in our teachings and intercession to release citations to the enemy!  We must use the Word of the Lord and release a citation to the enemy and enforce the victory that is ours!


Our words alone do not carry the authority,but the anointing and the right to speak through the name of Jesus releases the ability to see the Gospel shared, the sick healed, demons flee and the dead raised for the His glory.


Another definition we find is “power to influence”.  That is an interesting definition.  Who or what are we trying to influence?  Our goal is to influence those that are lost and hurting, but it may mean to enforce our “power of influence” (this does not mean we have the right or ability to change someone’s will) in the spirit over those things are keeping them captive.  This is where we enter into the spiritual battle and confess from a place of victory as we call them into the Kingdom of God – i.e. salvation for all that are lost and are willing to give an ear to hear what the Lord is saying!


The last one to look at is “freedom granted from one that is in authority” ultimately this is the Lord. As He granted us salvation, we have the right and ability to show others a place of freedom through Christ. Again, authority is to be used to bring the salvation found in Christ to earth through our words and actions.

Authority is not exercising “lip service” by repeating fancy prayers before the Heavens, but an attitude of reverence for our Lord.  We may speak,but the Lord fulfills the prayers we offer up! A simple example could be the difference between a rent-a-cop and a State Trooper.  A rent-a-cop has been given the right to“represent” themselves as an authority figure till a State Trooper arrives on the scene, but the Trooper has the right to declare the famous statement of authority “you have the right to remain silent”. 


The same for us, to move in the power that is in the name of Jesus to govern the spiritual atmosphere around our life; we must have a solid foundation in Christ and not just be a Sunday morning seat warmer in Church.  Do you want to be a spiritual rent-a-cop that just “represents” or a heavenly Trooper that actually enforces authority and declares “you have the right to be silent” to your enemy?


I hope this stirs your spirit to think and seek out where you stand in His authority today – to better yourself,family, church and community, we need to operate in His authority to deal with the spiritual realm that we walk in.


I will continue to share on this topic as the spirit leads!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.



Begger to worshiper!

Posted by lestom27 on May 23, 2012 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (2)

Acts 3:4-8

4 Peter and John looked at him intently, and Peter said, “Look at us!” 5 The lame man looked at them eagerly, expecting some money. 6 But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!”

7 Then Peter took the lame man by the right hand and helped him up. And as he did, the man’s feet and ankles were instantly healed and strengthened. 8 He jumped up, stood on his feet, and began to walk! Then, walking, leaping, and praising God, he went into the Temple with them.


As I was in the shower this morning – I asked the Lord what was on His heart today…I heard “Acts 3:8”.  I thought to myself – wonder what that verse says and is it something that I will be able to blog about!

If you know me, or have been reading some of my blogs – you can tell that I love the power of the Holy Spirit and what a blessing to move in His presence…so I will share briefly on what I see here in this passage – I have to share in its context to get the full understanding.

As I read this – I heard the Lord say “I am turning beggers into worshipers” now that is exciting – at least for me!

As we can see this man was begging for a natural,physical financial deposit.  God had a spiritual deposit to give this man that would change his life.  Too many times, we as believers kinda “beg”in prayer – Oh God, come do this, Or pleaseee do something for us – you get my point!

Here come Peter and John, with a different attitude– they we seeking (going in the temple to pray) instead of begging (in prayer)–they were serving the Kingdom instead of begging for the kingdom.  They understood what they had, was more powerful then an amount of money – or what it could buy.

This is a call to the body – to understand who and what the Holy Spirit is and how He is able to move through you – the power of the Holy Spirit – got to love it!

Let’s break it down

1.      Peter said “look at us” – why do we need to know this?  Shout, do you like people looking at you?  I think this was a sign of authority – to gain his attention – the Word says he looked at them with eagerly expecting money – So true today – so many look to Jesus expecting what they think they need and the Lord has a different plan!

2.      Peter and John knew that money was not the source to make this man whole – but the healing power through the Holy Spirit.  I love their line “What I have, I give to you” meaning – they knew they could impart, move and give within the spirit of God.

3.      Peter took the man by the right hand – many times in the Word – the Right hand is an expression of authority – as we know Jesus sits at the right hand of God – to move and give in the spirit – we must exercise our authority through Christ.

4.      The lame man received his healing and turned his begging into praising God.


What an amazing picture – the same is for the church today – as we move from a posture of begging to understanding that we don’t need to beg for God to move– but believe when we pray – our whole outlook will change for a begger’s mentality to one that is of praise.

Peter moved in authority, faith, mercy and grace all in one moment of ministry.  This is a great example to model in ministry.  He spoke with an understanding that what he had, he could give to others – and that one moment of ministry caused a stirring among the people to question how they heal this man.  Out of that they were able to hear a message of “Faith” in the Name of Jesus.

You are a vessel for the Holy Spirit – all His attributes are able to flow from your in walk in Christ.  What you are able to do is stir up others that are not there yet. By laying on hands we can stir, active, motivate and release a passion in the spirit.

Paul told Timothy this:

Timothy 4:14

14 Do not neglect the spiritual gift within you, which was bestowed on you through prophetic utterance with the laying on of hands by the presbytery.

Two things I love to do for the Lord – speak and pray!  I encourage you today to ask God for prophetic utterances to give to people you may know or not.  Ask God to meet you where you are today, that you will have an encounter like peter and John. That the Lord will help us change our posture in prayer from “begging”to believe in what we ask within the will of the Lord!


Les Tomlinson, Jr.



News Headlines - What is the Lord Saying?

Posted by lestom27 on May 22, 2012 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello friends!  Hope you are well in the Lord today…as I got up this morning I asked the Lord what was on His heart that we should share about today – well I didn’t get anything– Nothing!!!


As I logged onto the internet – The Lord put on my heart –“look at the headlines”.  I usually scan across them to see what is going – but really never read the article.  As I was scanning I came across two headlines that I check out.


1.  A Pastor was robbed in Detroit – they stole his Rolex, money and credit cards.

2.  A Pastor was caught on tape saying we should put all the gay people in a fenced in community – fly over them and drop food and watch them pass on into eternity. 

I felt like the Lord asked me what I felt about those headlines – my response was, why did a Pastor get in the news about being robbed?  There are some many robberies a day – what was special about this one?


My other thought was – what the heck is the second Pastor thinking?  Ok, we as believers in Jesus know that gay relations is a sinful lifestyle – but to be so ignorant to make a statement like he made – what a disservice to the community in Christ (my opinion).


So me being me, I asked the Lord what do these stories mean in the spirit, if anything?  Here is what I felt the Lord shared with me.


About the Robbery

1.  They stole his Rolex.  We know that a Rolex is a watch - which in turn represents time.  We as a body need to be watchful of the times at hand and how we use it.  Many in the body of Christ are being “busy” but not in the purpose they were created for.  We can not let the enemy steal away the “time” we have to do the things of the Lord.  We must be certain in what we are doing is truly of the Lord.  Secondly, it is a watch they stole – we know in the gospels Jesus went out to “watch and pray” just as we are to do today – many of us have lost that desire, understanding and motivation to watch and pray – this needs to be restored to see and know what the Lord would have us do today.

2.  They stole his money.  Many believers have fear and worry in regards to the economy.  The economy represents our “money”.  We are called to be good stewards of the blessing the Lord has provided.  We need to stop letting the world take our “money” in terms of buying “stuff” - I am not saying we live a second standard lifestyle – but use wisdom in what you do with your finances.  “Money” is a key in many lives that will either bring “fear” or “safety” to a home.  We must get back on track and turn to the one that is our safety net – Jesus.

3.  They stole his credit cards.  We as Christians are called to not owe “debts” meaning we are not to rack up credit card debt – in this day and age it is very easy to do so – we are called to be “lenders not borrowers” – I would be the first to say, my finances are not “perfect” but we aim and set goals to do so.  We must take a step back and rethink the “debt” we allow ourselves to get into.  If we have “credit card” debt – we need to resolve this to be free from owing anything to this world.  This is another area where many fall into “hopelessness” we are called to be full of hope – the devil doesn’t make you spend money – but he does give you hopelessness. 

These three areas in life; our Time – busy doing things plus“watch and Pray; our finances and credit card debt play a major role in many believers today and we need a change.


I believe this is a call to bring Jesus back to the center of our walk – to be mindful of our time, money and debts.  We must stand guard and not allow the enemy to have his hands on what the Lord has provided!


Second Pastor –comments on the gay community


What does this headline have to do with us?  We as the body of Christ are to set the example of Jesus in all areas of life. 


This is what I felt the Lord shared with me…


As time goes on, we will see an increase in this lifestyle and politicians passing laws to govern such acts of “indecency”.  What is the Christian community to do?


We are called to express grace, mercy and Love.  The Word says – It’s the kindness of God that leads a man to repentance.  Pastors should make the headlines for speaking “righteous Justice in Love”.  We may not agree with the “gay movement” but how much prayer time have you spent in before the Lord in regards to this?


We need to pray for our church leaders to not make such headlines– this is such a disgrace to the Body – and the enemy thrives on it.


They should make headlines for showing the Love of Jesus – I believe this is a warning to the church to “clean up our speech” to win souls –it must come in love and conviction – not condemnation!


We as a body need to spend more time in prayer for our government– that it will be headed by Godly men and women that know the heart of the Father.


Well this I what I felt the Lord share with me as I saw these articles,  I believe the Lord is sending a message to the Body and we need to be open and obedient to such things…


I would love to hear your thoughts…please share!


Be Blessed,

Les Tomlinson, Jr



Power within a Prophetic Testimony

Posted by lestom27 on May 21, 2012 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Friends!  Today is such a great day – My wife and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary!


I want to share a short blog on the power of hearing a prophetic testimony.  Meaning, someone confirming a word that you have spoken over their life through the power of the Holy Spirit – it is so exciting to move in His anointing to share the Fathers heart at any given time!



Many times, when we share a “prophetic word” it usually is a word that is to come to pass or we see something the Lord is doing in their life and we speak prophetically to confirm your obedience!


I want to share a testimony from the other day – Say mother’s day!   (The reason being – to build faith in those that are sharing words and at times not sure if you hit the mark…;)


At the end of our church service on Mothers day – I was ministering prophetically over the Mothers in our church – one of the last words I released was – there is a mother here today that will receive a call TODAY from her SON she hasn’t spoken to in ABOUT A YEAR.


As I was driving home - I had a couple of thoughts…Well Lord that is a good to show the Church that prophecy is real and you are speaking – and then the flip side – Well Lord that word needs to come to pass TODAY with a TESTIMONY to bring validity in the spirit and natural realm!


Our church is growing and some members are struggling in the movement of the “gifts” with prophecy being one of them.


If we break the prophetic word down – it has 3 important /vital aspects.


1.  A mother would receive a call TODAY – talk about your gifting, faith and credibility being on the line – I love it!

2.  The call would be from a SON.

3.  They haven’t talked in ABOUT A Year – I did not get a exact time. 

For this word to carry the power of a testimony, it had to be fulfilled TODAY, by a SON that hasn’t talked to his mother in ABOUT a year’s time.


Yesterday, in the beginning of the service, our Pastor called up a lady and asked her to share the testimony she shared with him earlier…


This lady started out to say – as that man prophesied – the Pastor said “you mean, Les” she said, yes – about a son calling his mother – I took that word and for me and my circumstance…

She went on to say – she went home from church and received a call that DAY from her SON in which they haven’t spoken in over ten months!


WOW – talk about a “NOW” word come to pass and the faith that was built in her, me and those that were there listening! 


The power of a testimony can change hearts, bring freedom; build faith, release those from doubt and the ability to shut the mouth of the enemy!!!


What an awesome God we serve, He is so faithful to show His love for us – testimonies like this one has the power to encourage others to stand and speak for the Lord and watch Him move!  I Love when His plans come together for all of us to see!


Be Blessed,

Les Tomlinson, Jr.



Whats on your mind?

Posted by lestom27 on May 18, 2012 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello friends - As i was asking the Lord what to write about today - I felt like I should ask you, the reader -  if there is anything that you would like us to blog about - Of course we do not have all the answers, but we may be able to shed some light on something you are dwelling on!

It is our goal, within ministry - through the power of the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of the people.  Many of us have questions, or need more understanding of the Word - We are here to try to help in any way to make it easier-

So if you have an idea, question or a verse you would like us to Blog about - leave us a comment and we will do our best to respond in a way to help!

Be Blessed,

Les Tomlinson, Jr.


Looking into the Mirror

Posted by lestom27 on May 17, 2012 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

James 1:22-25

22 But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. 23 For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror. 24 You see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like. 25 But if you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.


What would you say if you were able to look into a mirror and see who you are in Christ, how He views you?  We can only be what He created us to be, if and only if we follow His ways!


This passage is two fold:

1.     Listen to His Word.

2.     Do what it says.


(Pretty straight forward - : )


We are generally pretty good on listening to the Word of God – (as long as it doesn’t offend our thinking, knowledge or ideas on what we “want the word” to be in our walk).  It is not enough to hear the Word, but we must take the next step and walk in it.  We need to take the wisdom and knowledge and put it into action – then we are able to be the trail blazers we are called to be – we are to shine His light into darkness – expose darkness to bring freedom. 


This passage is like a two sided coin – “Heads” we must listen – this could be a teaching  released from a Pastor, Teacher or Elder – to listening to what you read on your own - through your studies.  “Tails” – we are called to walk in what we are taught, put into practice the wisdom that was released over us!


So you wake up in the morning and go look into the mirror – what do you see?

Let’s talk about the one that only fulfills part 1– Listens to the Word.  (We are talking about someone that has given their heart to the Lord)

1.     They can only see what the world portrays them to be.

2.     There is no glow around them.

3.     There vision in life is blurry – not complete.

4.     They lack in Joy.

5.     There is a lack of motivation in their walk.

6.     They struggle to feel His Love for them.

7.     They are not able to keep their head high above the circumstance.

8.     Their words lack in power.

9.     They are easily discouraged.

10.  At times they question their purpose.

this is not to make you feel bad, but to open your eyes to see that there is a way out of this place and into a place of joy and rest!


Now let’s look at someone that is fulfilling both parts – Listens and obeys.

1.     They are able to seethe potential the Lord has for them – does not listen to worldly opinions.

2.     They shine – The Light of Jesus glows around them exposing darkness.

3.     They have vision – they begin to gain clarity on they destiny.

4.     They have fun in the joy of their salvation.

5.     They are motivated to be used by God – They look for opportunities.

6.     They sense the presence of God and feel Loved and they understand that the are loved by the Father.

7.     They are level headed in time of circumstance – they seek wisdom from above.

8.     When they speak or pray– they have authority and the power of the Holy Spirit is present.

9.     They are able to fight off discouragement and see the bigger picture they have in Christ.

10.  They have an idea of what the Lord has for them – or they are seeking it out!


Now I do want to say this – each believer will be at a different level of understanding, maturity and position within these ten points – my point is this; those that are fulfilling both – are leaving a positive image in the minds of others as they cross paths.


My goal is to bring people to a place to see the reflection in the mirror that the Lord paints and not this world.  When we get a glimpse of how our Father sees us – we will gain a passion to run after the things found in Jesus.


My desire it to motivate the body into seeing themselves as God created them to be – In Song of Solomon – it says – yet I am dark, but lovely.  Meaning, yes –we may have sin in our walk – but the Lord sees us lovely.  (This is not talking about an active lifestyle of sin)


We should not let this world determine what we see in the mirror – but the Word and our actions should paint this beautiful portrait of who you are before Christ.  If you do not like what you see in the mirror – through His grace, you are able to change it today!


Be Blessed

Les Tomlinson, Jr.



Gifts vs Environment

Posted by lestom27 on May 16, 2012 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

In Corinthians 12 we find a list of gifts the Holy Spirit gives willingly.  I want to briefly talk about our gifts vs our environment.


Many of us have and are moving in the gifts of the Spirit –understanding what gift we may be operating in, is the easy part.  Knowing how to use if effectively comes time and practice under the power of the Holy Spirit.


We must realize that once we receive the gift – there is not a time line for the gift to mature – but for us to mature within that certain gift.  The gift is just that – a gift to move in a manifestation of the Holy Spirit – we do not add or take away fromthat gift – BUT we must grow in our understanding of the gift.  What is it really for, how to minister it ina way that is pleasing to the Lord?


When we understand that the gift is already mature in the Holy Spirit– but we mature into the fullness of the gift – it might help our understanding – as we operate, practice and minister in these gifts the Holy Spirit gives – we should move from the understanding of a child to an adult –but to exercise the fullest of the gift, we need to respond to the Lord with childlike faith – meaning, we do not question – but accept and minister when we feel His nudging. 


If we would compare our gifting to say a “new car” – when we  buy this “new car” its ready to go down the street – but it is new to us – so it takes time to learn all that is within the operations of the car.  We are like a kid, at least I am – when I get a new car – I want to just go drive it and learn all about it.  I get excited when I find something out that the car is capable of doing or a feature I didn’t know about – the same is with the gifts – they come complete from the Holy Spirit – but we must search them out to find out how to move in them to the fullest!


OK – now to our topic! Your gifts vs your environment and how do they co-labor together? 


I would like to say this – your environment should not dictate the level you operate within the gifts of the spirit – but – your gifts should dictate the atmosphere of your environment.  I know that is a mouthful.


Let’s look at it this way – wherever you walk – who controls that spiritual environment?  As we grow and become more mature in our understanding that the Holy Spirit really dwells within us – and you are truly a “powerhouse” for the Lord – we will begin to control the environment instead of being control by our surroundings.


If our church environment only allows us to grow to a point– say on a scale 1-10 and you can only operate on a 3 – we need to find outwhy, what and who is hindering the movement of God.  We must remember that God is – God oforder.  We are not called to cause chaos in the church – but move in grace, love and mercy.


If anything, we pray – we seek the Lord to bring clarity to the leaders.  Here’s my point – if you are “allowed” to operate in the gifts – then run after them – allow the gifts of the spirit to transform your church environment.  Use wisdom, kindness and love in doing so –but expand the tent pegs and create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move.


If there is a wall in front of you – we push it by moving inthe spirit, releasing the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  If we have people in the “flesh” trying to stop the gifts from operating – God is better and our mindset must be bigger!


We create an environment as we walk – will it be filled with the movement of the Holy Spirit or limited by compromise?  We can not compromise the gift and expect thefullness of its manifestation.



I understand parameters a church may have established to“protect” the people – and we are subject to the leaders of the church – if your church has such boundaries – stand on the edge and continue to exercise your gifts (In humility) – you might just push the boundaries and extend such “man made” parameters!


We all have different environments we face – we need to make the best of them and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way…


Be Blessed,

Les Tomlinson, Jr.



Gifts to the Body - Prophets

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Gifts to the Body – Prophets

Part 3

As we have seen in Parts 1 & 2 the role of a Prophet works alongside of the Apostle to establish the foundation for the church to stand on – either a church that needs to be strengthen or one that is be planted.

Many fear the word Prophet because they think a Prophet walks around seeing all their sin – we must realize that we serve a gracious God –one that is of order and ministers in Love. I am not saying that there are not immature “prophets” today making people feel this way – God is not one of fear nor does He make Prophets be fearful to get His word across.

What is a Prophet?

Someone walking in the call that is found Eph. 4:11. Someone that has a inward desire to hear the voice of God on a daily basis. They seek out His voice to speak to those they come in contact with to share the purpose, calling and destiny for their life.

A Prophet hears from the Lord then speaks direction to an individual, church, community or nation. They are grounded in the Word and understand the impact they have as they release the word of revelation. They move in words of wisdom and knowledge that reveals the secrets of a man heart through the power of the Holy Spirit that brings them to a closer walk to Jesus. (Amos 3:7)

Their role is not to just encourage or lift up – many are able to fulfill Corinthians 14 – A Prophet moves in the spirit beyond the basic level of prophecy. Their prophetic word will be of declarations and direction, whether to a person or a church. They speak prophetically by for telling or forth telling the plans the Lord has for the one they are speaking over - They see and hear the plans of the Fathers heart that we can not see on our own and releases it in Love, grace and power through the Holy Spirit.

What is the role of a Prophet?

They are to stand with the other four gifts and equip the Church. They should have the ability to teach – release wisdom and revelation to the Body. They should receive words of direction for the church – to hear the heart of the Father in making decisions that will impact the church.

They should hear clearly on what the Lord is saying at that time. Their prophetic word should bring signs, wonders, and miracles to the body to change the hearts of those they are speaking over. They should receive revelation that will take the church into the depths of God.

We must understand that a Prophet is not someone that just prophecies; but one that brings revelation to the person that shows the Love, God has for them, releases purpose, brings clarity to their destiny and imparts a hunger within a person’s heart.

They walk in integrity, humility and have grace upon their words. They are not someone to speak and belittle people – but to speak freedom to the hopeless.

They teach the church how to move in Corinthians 14 - to speak prophetically, that brings encouragement, exhortation and comfort to the body.

We need to embrace prophets today, to hear the heart of the Lord – what He has for the body, community or nation. We need them to be operating in the body to bring direction, conformation and revelation to us. They hear His voice, move in visions, dreams and impressions – however the Lord would want to move.

A Prophet is a gift to the Body – we need to support them and listen to what they have to say…

This was a brief blog on who a Prophet is and their role – there is more to it, if you feel you may have this call – seek after God, ask Him to bring clarity to your heart and that this word to be confirmed in your life!

Be Blessed,

Les Tomlinson, Jr.



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