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Posted by lestom27 on June 27, 2012 at 9:40 AM

Why the Supernatural – Part 3


So my lovely wife and I were out on a date last night and we were talking about the supernatural and kinda dreaming big for our community and church family.  Is it ok to dream big, I think so – depending on what the potential the dream has in the outcome?


We were talking about how people fly all over the world to go to conferences to get an impartation or healing, miracle or just to soak in His presence.  I have no issue with this if there is a balance in your walk – meaning that you do not become a“conference junky” and your life is still in chaos.  Purpose of the conference is to equip, heal and set free the saints.


So I was talking about my desire and ongoing vision I have for our community and church.  Right now our Pastors wife is at Global Awaking school of ministry where they are teaching on the power, influence and how to move within the supernatural.  Our Pastor has a hunger to see the Church walk in the true model of the New Testament Church found in the book of Acts.  We have people interceding for our meetings,community and those that are lost in this darkness.  We have people beginning to understand their purpose / calling in the body.  We have had a transition in our Worship ministry – that has opened doors for others to step into their role – as the former ones are walking in theirs helping another body.  Also we have had witnessed numerous words of knowledge that led to people being healed.


As I think about this – I can imagine we are at the verge of renewal to come upon our fellowship. There is a buzz going around that people are starting to come looking for something different then what they are use to.  We have a few families that have joined in our meetings that are totally on board on the direction we are heading.  The last thing that is so exciting and interesting is the Lord spoke to our body that we have been trusted to spiritually govern a 50 mile radius around our church building.  Do we totally know what that means, not yet –but we are praying for a true understanding.


So what does this have to do with the supernatural?  I believe the first point is – we as a body and through the leading of the Holy Spirit have seen change in different areas within the “government of the church”. As I have mentioned in the last to parts – the supernatural is evident when the Holy Spirit has freedom to move. This starts from the governing body that guides the Church. 


First Step

I can see that we are shifting from a “pastoral government”to an “apostolic” government – in a nutshell – going from caring for the peoples concerns to making the shift to caring for the will of the Father – in which covers the people and their needs, but it is lead by His spirit.  Caring for the people being lead by the Holy Spirit will have more of an impact then someone trying to do this through their own understanding.


Second Step

The Lord is revealing within the church the gifts that have been given to help equip the saints – also He is revealing spiritual gifts within people – as they move in them; it creates an atmosphere for Heaven to touch earth.


Third Step

I think this is a very important step – we are building relationships among the congregation. This is a much needed step for trust, credibility and openness to be within our family.  We are asking for each member at some time to go through a discipleship class – so needed in the church.  When the supernatural becomes part of our culture – we will need solid men and women to help guide and disciple others.


Fourth Step

We have a created a “healing Room” ministry.  Does this have to be implemented in a church to have the supernatural?  No, but it creates a “safe haven” for those that are sick to come and get ministered too –as they get healed and testify – it creates faith that our God is still healing today – and stirs up the body to receive prayer.  Healing is part of the supernatural move oft he Lord – we need to be open and willing every opportunity to pray for the sick.


Fifth Step

As I stated – we have had a change in worship – we are looking to the Lord to release His song over us – someway / somehow that will stir the hearts of the congregation to go deeper in the praise unto Jesus that invites His presence.  Worship is a key that opens the heart and spirit that allows the Holy Spirit freedom.


Sixth Step

There is a hunger among the congregation to hear the Lord speak and release it prophetically. Hunger is a key – it shows that we are dependent on the Lord.  For some reason the Lord uses man to release His will, purpose, healing, miracles, signs and wonders – we need to be that open conduit to allow such a movement.


So…to tie all this together – I believe without the six steps we are achieving in our church culture – we would not be at what ‘I feel”on the edge of a breakthrough.  Such a break through that will lead to renewal of the body that sets the stage for revival in our community.  We want to be known for a body that does not speak persuasive words – but one that comes in the demonstration of His power!


The supernatural is released through co-laboring with Heaven– not fighting against it.  As we progress in wisdom and knowledge – the more we will see the unfolding of His purpose in our Land.  God is a God of order – and He is looking for those to walk in such an order – and it usually will not be in an order that we have been taught or thought.


I felt like I needed to spell out in simple terms why and how we are beginning to see His hand move – I feel like the Lord would have this written to stir up others, to give hope and assurance that He sees and hears the hearts of His people – whether you are in our home church or another– seek for His love to shine that will bring forth the fruits of the supernatural.

Each church family has its own identity - we are beginning to understand ours - my prayer is that your church will walk in theirs to the measure given to them...


Many blessings to you,

Les Tomlinson, Jr.



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