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Posted by lestom27 on May 31, 2012 at 7:40 PM

In this blog we will continue on becoming a trail blazer! Have you thought about how, where and what you should be doing to become this flame of fire in this dry land.

We know that a fire can start very quickly in a dry area. Think about how you can be that fire in this dry spell. Your passion, prayer and openness to allow the Holy Spirit to work through can bring a fire that can be seen for miles both in the spirit and natural realm.

To start a fire, you need a spark and something to burn, correct? You are the spark in the darkness. What needs to burn? The hearts of those that are coming to church and not experiencing the presence of God. How do you become a Trail Blazer – Say, Holy Spirit come and fill my cup – overflow in power through my prayer – release your will through my words in Jesus Name.

We are not out to create the wheel – but to help those that do not see how Heaven can and wants to evade earth. We bring the standard up in the spirit – A trail blazer sets the bench mark to aim for –then help His fellow brethren to achieve all that God has called them to be. We do not create a platform for “our” ministry to a platform for the Holy Spirit to move and revive the hearts that are needing a touch from Heaven.

A trail blazer spends time in prayer seeking the will of the Lord, what he prays for in secret the Lord rewards in the open. His heart is for the betterment of the Church. To see, hear and feel the movement of God that brings a renewal to a dry place.

You may be in a church that has good worship, message and have those that pray – but do you have unity among the members? Do you see the Lord moving upon the meeting with signs and wonders? Are there those that are going out as an evangelist team to share the gospel on the streets? The list can go on…my point is – do you know where you fit in, if so – are you pushing the envelope in the spirit to see the Holy Spirit move?

A trail blazer doesn’t need to be in “leadership” but his gifting should be noticed by the leaders. Out of humility, he will grow and set a flame hearts of those he comes in contact with. Are you excited to share the heart of the Father? Do you see the gifts of the spirit moving in your walk? Can you see a change in those that you minister too?

As we walk in wisdom and revelation, we begin to set a fire that is attractive. If we set a fire from our own understanding or will – it will last but a moment; if we start one through the Lord it leaves an everlasting impact.

As I was driving today – I asked the Lord, show me where I was used to be a trail blazer, to raise the standard. Instantly I had a vision when I was a Youth leader. How the Lord used me, by His spirit to impact many hearts in the six years I served the church in that capacity.

When we move under the direction of the Holy Spirit – we have no idea how many lives we can change, impact and impart the things of God. Do not grow weary if you do not see instant results – but if you are moving in His presence, but faith we know we are changing the atmosphere!

It is time for us to bring Heaven to earth and wake up the church community to get a fire, passion and zeal back in the hearts of His children – He is asking –will you become a trail blazer?


Les Tomlinson, Jr


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Reply Dave
3:55 AM on June 1, 2012 
This reminds me of a quote from John Wesley. He was once asked why so many people were coming to his open-air services... he said,
"When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn"

Good stuff Les.
Reply Les
8:35 AM on June 1, 2012 
Thanks Dave! What a powerful statement...may we burn so bright that it will lead others to Christ. I pray that this fire will go from here to Spain and around the world - Many blessings to you and your family!

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