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My first introduction to Les Tomlinson, Jr. was a voice mail.  He had recently had an experience with God and felt that he was supposed to share his experience with the church in the South Jersey area.  He had called many churches, but received almost no response.  Meanwhile, I had been praying that God would teach me more about prophecy, specifically related to its use in His church today.  It was no coincidence that Les called my office. 


Since that day, I have benefited greatly from the friendship and spiritual relationship that has developed between us.  Les has been a source of encouragement and education to me and the church, especially in the ministry of prophecy.  Although I was already a pastor in a Pentecostal church, I understood very little about the special gift that Paul instructed believers to “earnestly desire”.   Les and I have spent hours in conversation and in prayer together eagerly desiring to hear the voice of God as He speaks to give instruction, direction, encouragement, correction and wisdom in keeping with His Word.


I believe that as you read this book, Speaking With Authority, you will be guided into a better understanding of how God speaks and what He desires from His children.  All authority belongs to Jesus and in His wisdom He has chosen to lend His authority to those who are called by His name.  The responsibility to carry out God’s will and purposes on the earth belongs to us and we will stand before the Righteous Judge one day to give account of how we used it. 


It is time to begin to correctly handle the Word of Truth that God has so graciously given in order to bring the light of the gospel and make disciples of every nation.  This book will teach you in a practical way what to do with the authority God has given you.  But remember that you become responsible for what you know.  So be prepared to begin to speak with authority.


Who has been given such authority to say to a spiritual mountain, be cast into the sea?  You have as a believer in Christ!  Throughout this practical book, you will find; who has the right to move in authority, how to control the spiritual atmosphere around your home and how to disarm darkness within your community.


Get ready to see the light of Jesus expose the darkness as you move in the God given authority to combat everything that in not of the Lord.  This book will give you verses to stand on when the devil says no – your response is yes, in the name of Jesus!


You will learn how to move in humility, but in power to see a freedom come to your life, your home, work place, church and community.  We have been given this authority due to the cross – it is our job to enforce that victory and proclaim from that place – it is finished in Jesus name!

Pastor Wes Newell writes:

Hey Les. Finally finished the manuscript.Great topic.  You used understandable illustrations and analogies.  You covered subjects that other books don't.  Scripture based all the way through.  Great job!


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Check out this great book on how to release the New song that is within your heart - we are called to Sing to Him a New song - This book is full of scriptures, practical teaching and testimonies on how the Lord releases us into a deeper level of worship!

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